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ARKA Global Capital



ARKA Global Capital is a Private Equity and Investment firm which makes investments in a wide range of asset classes including technology, manufacturing, engineering, media and real estate. The firm also considers investments that have potential to yield synergies with our target sectors and existing portfolio, or may leverage the core strengths and unique qualities of our team and partners.

ARKA is a visionary thinking firm seeking to build value over time via acquisitions and strategic partnerships. We take a longterm value-oriented approach in contrary to typical investment approach. ARKA’s transactions provide liquidity for business owners, create equity opportunities for key management and raise capital for corporate growth.

We are diversifying our portfolio of investments in other sectors & countries (UK, EU, USA & Canada) and with our unique platform and expertise, we allow businesses to cross-pollinate for maximising its value offerings.

We are sector agnostic and own a diverse portfolio of acquisitions which include high-tech too (Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, SaaS, Augmented & Virtual Reality).

ARKA looks for businesses that have management team with a proven track record of success.  We believe that strong management is the key to successful business and typically work towards for management to have an equity stake.

Where appropriate, we utilise hands-on operating strategy to transform small or regional businesses into large, integrated enterprises with our internal growth and continuous strategic acquisitions.

Meaning of ARKA

“Sun” giving ray of light, fostering growth and progress at all levels.

Sanjay Jadhav Award Winner

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Why Select Us?

We Seek to invest in wide range of industries, including but not limited to:

We aim to carry the legacy forward and plug it to our bigger family.


We focus on growth using our proprietary platform & experienced team.

Fair Market Valuation

We aim to offer a fair market valuation and avoid making low-ball offers.  Sometimes even a premium on top.


We value staff of the companies we acquire and ensure they are well looked after and provide necessary training.


Our experienced team aims to close the deal within 30 days.


Our sources of funds are private funds who are keen to invest  as opposed to banks which can take longer time for close.