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We Invest in Businesses



ARKA Global Capital makes private investments in established well managed businesses with an enterprise value of at least £2,000,000  to £25,000,000. Our investment approach is to acquire successful businesses and provide hands-on support, value-added strategy and exponential growth for prime investment returns. 

We invest in wide range of industries

Including but not limited to following:

We are sector agnostic and own a diverse portfolio of acquisitions which include high-tech too (Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, SaaS, Augmented & Virtual Reality).

ARKA looks for businesses that have management team with a proven track record of success.  We believe that strong management is the key to successful business and typically work towards for management to have an equity stake.

Where appropriate, we utilise hands-on operating strategy to transform small or regional businesses into large, integrated enterprises with our internal growth and continuous strategic acquisitions. 

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